Friday, February 11, 2005

TV Life Lessons

How can you screw up a life this bad and not know how you did it? -- King of Queens

What a day ... I know I said there'd be no complaining during Lent, so I'll just call this a commentary. And, it goes like this: ARGH!

February 11, 2005

So, stupid. Could not remember my password, hence my absence. It came to me in a dream last night. Here's all I can manage right now:

*Updated Chicken Bone Count*
- Seen: 61 (for a four and a half day period, covering the area between 114th street to the south, 125th street to the north, and between 5th Avenue to the east and 8th Avenue to the West)
- Eaten: Who's to say? I'll estimate less than 10 ... let's say 8
- Attempts at Eating: Um ... 61 (roughly 53 spit out, and approximately 8 successful)
- If Chicken Bones Were Dollars, My Net Worth To Date: $235.00
Note that that's money I really could use, by the way. New York, as my friend Erica so aptly put it, is a place that makes you covet everything. As much as coveting thy neighbor's whatever is wrong, and as much as I am aware, particularly during the Lenten Season, of the importance of sacrifice, I just wish I had that $235.00 is all.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

February 8, 2005

Re: Darius de Haas -- there WAS, in fact, a review in the NYTimes! A big deal, excellent review. See it at:

Today is Ash Wednesday Eve. I'm planning my "giving up" items right now. So far, they include wine, meat, not exercising and complaining. You can see how the first will make the last one hard to do!

Mouse Count:

- Seen: 0

- Dead: 3

Chicken Bone Count:

- Seen: 26 (includes Sunday and Monday)

- Eaten: 6 before I could stop Lou

- Attempts at Eating: 11 (5 spit out, six successful)

- If Chicken Bones Were Dollars, My Net Worth To Date: $174.00

Number of Times People Asked Me What Kind of Dog Louis Is:

- 2 Total (includes Sunday and Monday)

- 1 Proposed an Akita

- 1 Proposed Pluto ...

Bad Things About Pulic Transportation Today:

- (See above re: no complaining during lent)