Friday, December 09, 2005

I Got Hit by a Car, Y'all!

I can't even believe it. This was NOT on my list of things to do this year, but I suppose it can replace skydiving. I went to lunch wtih Big Papa (aka Ed) yesterday, and then convinced/cajoled him to go shopping with me post-nosh. So, we're walking up 49th street, crossing 5th avenue to go into Banana Republic (which is a store that is just full of itself. I mean, it's not that great, but it THINKS it is. Whatever.) So, this nice lady who I'm sure was from my home town, because she, as many Cincinnati ladies do, was wearing a sweatshirt that said she was the World's Greatest Something (grandma? can't remember) is trying to take a phone cam shot in the middle of the mother-f'ing street. So, I have to go around her, or knock her down. Believe me when I say I weighed each choice heavily. So,I go around her, and then, BOOM! I got hit by a car in my ass! Really. Ed kept on talking to me like I was next to him, but once the folks started saying, "Oh, Oh, Oh my God! Are you okay?", he turned to see I was not beside him, but on the ground, felled by a black BMW, license plate unknown, that fled from the scene of my massive embarrassment.

So, I went back to work afterwards, because that's what I do, but I started to feel kind of light-headed and really sore after about an hour, which was great, because, with Ed as my witness, I was 100% justified in not going in to work today. I got hit by a car, afterall. I'm hurt. (And also finished with my xmas shopping, sewing and knitting, cause I got to stay home today and work it out.) In the words of my idol, Ms. Spears-Federline: HIT ME, BABY, ONE MORE TIME! I could get my laundry done!