Tuesday, April 19, 2005

One Other Thing

I hate that I am a bad sleeper. I don't get more than 2 hours at a time. But, the good thing about not sleeping is Aqua Teen Hungerforce. Watch it now. The theme song alone is enough to make you love it. Every time it comes on, something happens to my neck and it starts seriously contracting and relaxing so that my head just bobs up and down. Some telling excerpts:

Shake: " What's that word that's the exact opposite of scary?" Meatwad: "Tacos?"
Shake: "Wait a minute, I think we might have time to order an axe from a website."
Shake: "You don't think violence solves anything? What kind of monster are you?"
Shake: (Counseling the monster on being a better monster) "Now, remember, you have no regard for human life, especially women, because they have the organs that you wish that you had, so you want to make a suit from them."

How can you not watch TV that good? www.adultswim.com See it now.

Monday, April 18, 2005

April 18, 2005

Mmm, mmm, mmm. So deliciously horrible! I did NOTHING at work today! My computer was broke-down, as we say, and I couldn't access any of the files I had sent myself over the weekend. Oh, well. I tried (kind of). Anyway, I can't wait to go tomorrow, because I have NOTHING on my to do list. It's all been done this evening, and I start the day clean as a whistle, a blank slate.

In other news, Poor Lou got trapped in the bedroom today! Poor, poor, doggie. I came home and he wasn't at the door, which made me think he was dead (he's kind of old), so I had to take a moment and collect myself. Then I called him, and he still didn't come. That's when I noticed that the wind must have blown the bedroom door shut while he was in there (up on the bed in his spot in front of the window, spread out like the glamour-puss he is). I hope he wasn't there all day. Poor Lou.

Here's something that tickled my fancy today:

Mmm, mmm, mmm. See Katrina's work at www.katrinaparrisflowers.com. I can't wait until I'm in the black and can buy flowers for my house on a regular basis. I'm only going to get them from her. Later - j.