Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bad, Bad, Jen

So, how did it get to be the middle of February with no post? I'll tell you how -- I've been off work since the first of February and therefore don't have a damned thing to be righteously indignant about. Holy crap, I'm almost happy. And, I'm almost making a living without having to go to work. The hard part is getting motivated to get up and work for myself. I always thought it'd be easier to just work for myself, but I have to say, not so much.

Bad Jen: "It's okay to sleep until noon, because you can stay up late and work."

No, no, no. That leaves no time for exercise, short shrift for Lou and Izzle, my nizzle (her new name), and lots of potential for late-night online shopping because I am lonely for human contact! I'm going to bed now and am 100% sure I'll be up by 8am AT THE LATEST! A leisurely walk down to the cafe for a strong coffee and croissant, hard work for 2-3 hours, a little bit of yoga, then more hard work, Lou's evening walk, dinner, shower and bed by 10pm tomorrow. Bet.