Thursday, November 17, 2005

Progress Report


So, at the end of my b-day month, I decided I was going to make some changes in my life, take ownership of my happiness, seize the day, be unafraid, and all that junk. Here's how it's going:

1. New attitude:
Goal: Jen = #1
Progress: None

2. New habits:
Goal: Organization, career path, getting out more.
Progress: I printed my resume out today.

3. New body:
Goal: Exercise was to become a part of my daily schedule; eating right would become a habit.
Progress: I took a brisk walk to buy a bottle of Cava last night, and ate 2 granola bars for dinner.

4. New life:
Goal: More general confidence, choosing to be happy, not caring what other people think.
Progress: Who am I kidding?

You Know Who You Are


If you see this and know what I mean, think, or feel about it, well, it's your duty to buy me a drink (in the morning, even), some cheese (cave-aged Gruyere, please ... or, a nice Stilton), or a bauble of some sort. Because, if you know what I mean, you MUST know how I feel. Help me before I start shopping.

La Cuba Concept


This is where/who/how I wish I could be right now. On the beach, young, happy, rather than embarrassed to be shirtless, still wondering at what I find in the sand, rather than waiting to be grossed out by a syringe. You can see more photos from La Cuba Concept (brilliant, perfect, and beautiful) at flickr. That's where the photo above came from. It made me at the same time happy (for the girls) and sad (for me) to see it. But, it also gave me a little more fuel for my "Get out of NY" fire. Mmm.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Liar Liar, Pants A'fire

That's how we'd say it in the south. So, all that stuff re: fabulous vintage fabrics not being available and my search for fabulous non-vintage? Okay, well, I still think it's worth it, but I looked through my stash this evening, and then I looked on the Denyse Schmidt website, and I discovered that I had enough fabric to make this: dsbone

Which I'm making now ... instead of ironing something to wear tomorrow ... instead of taking my dog for a real walk this evening ... don't judge.

Textile Trouble

I keep seeing all these wonderful crafty blogs where people are making wonderful crafty projects with wonderful vintage fabric. The trouble is I have such a hard time finding good vintage (or, I'm too lazy to tour the flea markets, probably). Thankfully, there's Repro Depot of course, but even though every fabric I've ever purchased from them is worth its weight in gold, it's kind of pricey for me sometimes.

So, today, I did some trolling around online, and found some less vintage, (still kind of pricey), but really interesting textile designs/designers that I'm contacting as soon as my direct deposit clears the bank tomorrow:

First, you all already know, but there's Hable Construction. Then, there's Mary Beth Cryan. She's something else. Last, but not least, there's this team: at Funktion Home.

Good stuff!