Monday, March 19, 2007

WNTW Update (1)

Okay, so let's start from the beginning. These liars? Remy? Keena? My sister, Aimee? Took me for drinks the night before the intervention. Who keeps that kind of secret?

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That's okay. I'm over it. Until the next day when I show up to the shoot and walk in and see this:

Michelle, sitting on the couch looking all prettified. I work with her everyday. She couldn't clue a sister in? Nope. But she could put on her own fabulous outfit and show up on time to comment on mine! I'll punch her in the face later.

Vassar Forever! Before we started watching the Jen-looks-like-crap videos, Aimee and Stacy figured out that they'd gone to school at Vassar together at around the same time. Apparently, they also go to the same dentist! Those white teeth! Amazing! The world is small! Stacy and my friend Ed also use the same plumber...


Here's a photo of Clinton and Aimee before Aimee left me to be humbled by a discussion of my fashion choices. She literally scooted right out the door after this photo!


Okay, more later. Waiting for Flickr to upload, but I'm too tired to see it through. I'll dream of witticisms to add to the other photos I have and load them in the morning.

What Not To Wear

Apparently, what I've been wearing. So, on Tuesday last week, I thought I was going to be interviewed by the BBC for a special on Harlem entrepreneurs. What really happened was this:

Interviewer: So, tell me what Uptown Hound is all about and how you're dealing with the gentrification in the neighborhood?

Me: Well, a lot of people are worried about being pushed out. For me, this is the best thing that could happen for Uptown Hound because--

Stacy London & Clinton Kelly: (rushing in to the store) Stop it, right now. Stop talking. Did you really think you were being interviewed by the BBC? In that outfit? No, this is an intervention. Starting right now, you're going to go from hot mess to just hot, and we're going to help you.

Me: Wha? Huh?

And, it contined from there. Tomorrow night, I'll post the hour-by-hour diary of my spectacular experience on WNTW. Clinton and Stacy are, just as on TV, the NICEST people in the world, and they're so pretty ... well, if I'd had a spoon, I would have eaten both of them right up. Delightful. The best thing that's happened to me since being born, and I'm not kidding.

Flickr is acting wonky, but I'm trying to upload photos now, and I'll post them and the diary tomorrow night. Yours, newly fabulous -- J