Thursday, January 26, 2006


Lest you think I've changed for the better -- new year, new happy attitude -- that's not it at all, trust me. I just feel like not complaining today. I'll save it for Monday . My mom and aunt are coming for a visit this weekend: "Oh, I'm so glad you didn't spend a lot of time cleaning for us." My mom is GOOD! I really get along with her well, and it makes me laugh when she says that stuff, but still, it's always stressful to have house guests. Okay, anyway, back to the cool stuff:

1. Overnight Prints. Customer service with a capital S. The shipper mislaid my order, and I called Overnight (fully expecting to hear, "Wow, that sucks. Too bad, huh?" Instead, they said, "Oh, that's horrible. We're so sorry. We'll reprint your order tonight and overnight it to you." I almost cried.

2. Boloco. Now, I've never eaten there, so I can't comment on their food, but if their CEO is any indication, maybe I should mail order some. Check out another good customer service story here .

3. Denyse Schmidt Fabrics! I'm starting a fan club for Denyse Schmidt because she is awesome (and, so I can be the president of something.)

4. temp_tote_kafkadream
That tote is cute. See that, and more at Moongirl

5. James Lipton funs on K-Fed. I can't get enough of the Spears-Federline Schaudenfreude. Does that make me a bad person?

6. This is what I want for Valentine's Day.

7. s-9050-1. That would be a fine, fine V-day gift as well. I love Kid Robot as much as I love The Gorillaz.

8. Four Four on MJBlige.

9. B00063E2BE.16._SCLZZZZZZZ_SS260_
Awesome. They're called Snap-N-Store and I have two of them, but only because I can't find them anymore at Staples. You can order them from Target.

10. Ergh. I can't think of a 10th thing, but nine is okay, right?

Where the Heck Have I Been?

Making this:


I got the pattern from Denyse SchmidtThis is called What a Bunch of Squares, and you can find it in her book, which you should go buy right now. The patterns are modern and gorgeous -- definitely not your grandma's quilt, but more than that, the instructions are awesome. It's like a friendly textbook. Yum. I made my quilt with chocolate brown, pale pink, dark pink, and cream colors. The top is finished -- I'll photo it tomorrow to post -- and, now I get to do the fun part of doing the actual quilting by hand. It's the only way.