Thursday, September 08, 2005

Create Something Every Day

That's the motto/tag-line for The Paper Source, and I think that from now on, I will. And, I don't mean havoc. The first line of business is to finish up the Bird Love and Navy Jhett quilts THIS WEEK! (it is not snooty to give titles to your projects -- they deserve them). Next, pet beds! See Hancock's for some excellent patterns. I'm using a combination Denyse Schmidt/Hancock's pattern to make what I'll call the Not My Bed bed for Lou. I have a feeling it will come out trapezoidal and lumpy, but it won't matter. He's too polite to say anything.

Do Over

Stivers 9-6-02 If I had it to do over again

I have a friend who recently sold everything she owns on eBay so that she could start over. Brilliant, except I'm too lazy to handle the shipping end of things. I need some motivation today. Maybe a trip to the gym or the cheese shoppe.