Monday, September 26, 2005

Who Says Honky Anymore?


Baby, it's all around us. So, on Friday, I was waiting for the bus home, and it was crowded on the corner of 50th and Madison, and it was kind of hot, and it was 100% humid, for sure, and this lady standing next to me? She said this: "These honkys (honkies?) are crazy. They will push you out of the way in a minute, to get on the bus and then act mad that they have to stand next to you." Now, I'm not a fan of calling out racial differences, or being mean (here, I was going to type derogatory, but I wasn't sure of the spelling) in any way, but I have to say, I have NEVER heard anyone say the word "honky" out loud in real time/ real life ever. So, I busted out laughing. I thought, "No one ever says that. It's crazy and funny."

But then, it was the next day. And, for some reason, some charity/organization/running group ... who knows ... decided to have a jog through the ghetto. So, I'm walking Lou down the street, and everything is blocked off for the race. On my way back from the Starbucks at 125th and Lenox, I pass an old(ish) man in a suit at the M2 bus stop who says to me this: "Sister? What the fuck, girl? Honkys ( honkies?) are crazy. Where the hell are they running to, anyway? Why they always running? To something, you think? Or, away from something?"

Man, oh, man. Who says "honky" anymore? Only the folks who ride the M2.